What we do

At LEITMOTIF DIGITAL, we place your brand in the center of transformation and innovation.

Together, we build on the strategic foundation of your brand to create innovative solutions that fit your company, your company culture, your employees, and the needs of your customers.

Our credo is: as familiar as possible and as innovative as necessary.

The results are new products, services, customer experiences, or entire business models – with purpose and relevance.


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How we work

  • LEITMOTIF Sprint
  • LEITMOTIF Innovation Journey


Sometimes a product or service development process just cannot take several months or years to enter the market? Maybe you have limited resources, such as little time or just a small team?
Then our Sprint is for you!

Together, we quickly develop solutions, products or services, generate new, meaningful and pragmatic ideas and build prototypes for specific problems or challenges. Needless to say, your customers and your brand are always in the center.
If you want to know whether one of your ideas is applicable in reality, or you want to build a deployable prototype, or you just need specific customer feedback, the Sprint is for you!

LEITMOTIF Innovation Journey

LEITMOTIF Innovation Journey | Innovation Process

You would like to approach your challenge, your brand, your strategy, your products and services, your brand experience and so on more systematically and comprehensively? You need thoroughly reliable results and detailed solutions and concepts? You want to outsource as much as possible to us and dedicate yourself to your daily business?

Then join us on your individual and comprehensive LEITMOTIF Innovation Journey, tailored to your challenge and your needs. Together we define, elaborate and develop applicable concepts based on systematic analyzes and comprehensive research, which we will gladly implement with you.

Our core competences

Digital Vision & Strategy

Be a visionary!
Together, we develop your digital vision and draw a road map to define concrete measures for your journey from the status quo into the digital future.

Brand Identity

Define your unique selling proposition!
We help you to define and use your brand as a leitmotif and strategic foothold in the digital transformation.

Business Model Innovation

Stay competitive!
We develop new digital business models or help you to adapt your existing business model to the new challenges of the digital world.

Customer Experience

Act from the customer’s perspective!
All along the customer journey we create outstanding, brand-conform customer experiences and help you to better understand your customers’ needs with stereotypical personas.

Product- & Service Innovation

Be innovative!
We help you take a customer and brand perspective to develop new products and services that fit your company or are newly established as their own brand.

Employer Branding & Future of Work

Be an attractive employer!
We position you as an attractive employer according to your brand identity, and show the potential of the new world of work so you can remain relevant for the new generation of talent.

Our services

Consulting & Project Management

We work online as well as offline and are equally happy to be on hand personally on your premises, or to support you digitally (e.g. in online video conferences via Skype or GoToMeeting) to save you costs.
We work online as well as offline and are equally happy to be on hand personally on your premises, or to support you digitally (e.g. in online video conferences via Skype or GoToMeeting) to save you costs.


With our help, you and your team will become digital experts. From individual coaching and one-day workshops all the way to more extended trainings, we offer various options for addressing specific issues, acquire the necessary basic or expert knowledge, or to practice creative and innovation methodologies. We will be glad to prepare an individual training program according to your needs.


We are at your disposal as speakers and lecturers on the topics of “branding”, “digital transformation”, “innovation” and “new work”. We will gladly coordinate with you to prepare an individual talk on the topic of your choice, or you can request us as participants for round table and panel discussions as part of your events.

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